Zoomer Dino Reviews

Zoomer Dino Reviews

Zoomer Dino ReviewsThis page will take a look at some more Zoomer Dino Reviews. However if you would like to see our main review of the best remote control dinosaur around right now, then please check out our home page Boomer Zoomer Review here.

However, having said that, if you find you can`t wait to purchase the hot new Zoomer Dino, then you can visit this link Buy Boomer Zoomer Dino. This very entertaining new toy is forecast to be a huge hit with young kids for Christmas 2014, so it makes sense not to delay! Please head on over to this page where we can advise on getting the best price available, and also FAST and SAFE DELIVERY from our recommended favorite stockist.


On this page you can also view Zoomer Dino YouTube videos for further reviews, where there are visual demonstrations and opinions from people about the Boomer Zoomer features, and who have already bought this latest new Zoomer addition.

Additionally, by following the links to our recommended stockist, you will also be able to check out Zoomer Dino for more customer reviews and ratings. It is currently displayed as being one of the top selling toys in the HOT NEW RELEASES, BEST SELLERS, MOVERS AND SHAKERS sections of Amazon. It also has a 5 star rating from the majority of people who have bought this product.

Just A Few Quotes From Amazon Customers Below:

“We recently received Zoomer as part of a BzzAgent campaign through Spinmaster. Before we even opened the box, my 8-year old son was jumping – he was so excited to see a dinosaur and my 11-year old daughter was happy too. They’d both wanted a pet for a while and Zoomer held the possibility of a friend for both my kids.

When we opened the box, we were glad to see that Zoomer was immediately able to start moving, talking and playing, but that time didn’t last too long as the battery charge quickly went. We saw how he sounded, walked and interacted with us and it really made it feel as though he were real. My kids were quite happy with their new “pet” and they’ll likely be playing with him for quite some time to come.” Jennifer Glass – Verified Amazon Customer

I received Boomer as part of a Bzzagent campaign. As soon as you open Boomer you’ll want to get him charged through your usb. He is so much fun. I was a little weary about my kids getting bored with him but the more you play and train him the more he does! Watch his eyes to find out what mood he is in. I love how well he balances and I was not expecting him to be so impressive. These toys are really great for small kids and adults alike. The remote takes a little getting used to so practice makes perfect. He lasts a good amount of time and when he’s charging the kids miss playing with him. He is well worth the money as you get a lot out of him and he’s so easy to charge and train. You more tame him than train him but it’s fun. He has a unique personality and is pretty funny.” Jessica Rockwell – Verified Amazon Customer

My three year old thinks this is the best toy he has ever received. He told me that Santa came early. I received Boomer from Bzzagent via SpinMaster, for review & product testing. Right out of the box he was a hit. He feels pretty cool, not just a hunk of plastic and he makes the most adorable dinosaur noises. My son has made him chase him around the house and is currently treating him like a dog. (They are both on the couch watching TV, while he tries to feed him a cereal bar). All in all I think that this toy is a big hit. Although he has been in the house for almost a week, my son still goes for him first thing in the morning. He checks that his eyes are green (that means he is charged) and immediately begins to play with him.” AC Adornetto – Verified Amazon Customer

“My daughter got this dino for her birthday. It had no reviews so we were skeptical. The kids have not stopped playing with it. It is super cute and fun. They play with it until the batteries run out then wait patiently for it to charge (about and hour) as soon as it is charged they are fighting over who can have the remote first. Even my hubby likes to play with it when the kids are in bed. Definitely worth the expense.” Pen Name – Verified Amazon Customer

“What a fun toy! My four year old daughter just loves Zoomer Dino. Dad and I got quite a few laughs out of the Dino chasing our dog (she didn’t think it was as funny as we did). It’s easy to forget that this robotic Dino isn’t a new pet. After charging (easy USB cable for an hour) this Dino was zipping around the house and exploring right away. At one point, he bumped into a wall, sniffed it, and then roared at said wall while head butting it. He has lots of personality! My daughter is looking forward to taking him with her to school for Show and Tell. The only downside, is that his battery only lasts for 30 minutes, but the quick and easy charging time makes up for the short battery life. I would recommend Zoomer Dino to boy or girls 4+.” Amy – Verified Amazon Customer

“I received Zoomer Dino free from BzzAgent and SpinMaster for the purposes of product testing and a subsequent review.

Say “hello” to my son’s new favorite toy! Seriously, this toy is a complete hit with my 7 year old son. This toy is an absolute blast, and it is being played with multiple times throughout the day.

First thing is first: read the instructions! I cannot stress this enough, in order to get great use out of this and understand how it works. Even with that, there is some trial and error in operating the little dinosaur. That aside, even when he is just “let loose” without using the remote control, he keeps my son entertained until the batteries finally quit.

He does come with a remote control, which will require the purchase of 3 AAA batteries (since they are not included), and a USB cable in order to charge Zoomer himself. Charge time is roughly 1 hour, and the eyes will turn green to let you know when he’s ready to roll. We get about a half hour of fun with him before he needs to be charged up again. When you are in control, using the remote, he’s got some serious get up and go! So be careful, or he might fall over if you send him shooting off too fast. He does, rather amusingly, keep himself very well balanced and is able to get himself upright if he falls forward or backwards. He just needs you to push his “angry” button to help him up, but then just let him do it himself and he’s ready to go again.

There is an interactive quality to the personality of this little dino robot, and it definitely adds to the experience of letting him run around on his own. He’ll explore and roar, burp and fart (and laugh at himself afterwards), beatbox and dance, and is just a blast for my son. Even myself, my significant other and my friends wanted a go at playing with him. Definitely a recommended toy, especially with the Holiday season coming up not too far away!” Miss Nika – Verified Amazon Customer

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