Boomer Zoomer Dino Features

Boomer Zoomer Dino Features

Boomer Zoomer Dino FeaturesWelcome to the Boomer Zoomer Dino features page. Here you will find we will be going into further detail about this smart new interactive remote control dinosaur.

As previously stated on our home page, this newest addition to the Zoomer collection is one of the best and most clever interactive toys you are likely to find out there today.

If you haven`t seen our review please check out the Zoomer Dino Review page here. Also we have a page which can advise you on getting the best price for this toy, and how you can order it online with a great discount if you are in a hurry to buy Boomer Zoomer Dino.


As we mentioned earlier, the cutely named Boomer is a super responsive and interactive dinosaur that literally appears to be alive when switched on.

If you’re looking for a toy that provides a huge source of entertainment and sets itself apart from other run of the mill toys, then the Zoomer Dino is certainly the right choice for you.
As this smartly constructed dinosaur is finely tuned to respond to both motion and touch, there will be no difficulty in communicating with him. Plus, there is another string to his bow in that he is receptive to being trained by whoever is operating the control pod. He even has the ability to perform tricks when he is behaving…

Let us just quickly highlight the key features of the Zoomer Dino, and then we will go into slightly more detail of each one below.

  • Control him if you can! Boomer is the incredible Zoomer Dino that only you can tame! He can sense where you are and what you’re doing!
  • Using True Balance Technology?, Boomer perfectly balances while roaming freely around your home!
  • Get him angry by pulling on his tail, train him to dance, chase, chomp and roar! But watch out!
  • Boomer the Zoomer Dino is the ultimate pre-historic pet for kids from ages 5 years and above
  • Charges via USB cable
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries for remote control operation.

Control Him If You Can!

This highly sociable and interactive dinosaur just loves attention like any other real pet. As you would stroke and touch your cat or dog, Boomer requires the same love too.

He is quite capable of displaying other emotions too however, and if you or your child were to pull or twist his tail he becomes angry.Though he is perfectly safe in the presence of young ones, who will find him and his tantrums hilarious.

Boomer is also responsive to motion and has a knack of locating where you are to interact with you. This may be helped by the six sensors he has in his head and body to help determine his positional sense.

This prehistoric creature with a dose of modern technology can also be quite spontaneous.there are times when all of a sudden he will storm around the floor on rampages for no particular reason at all. To witness this will bring lots of laughter from the little ones as Boomer really does possess a life-like character.
As you would expect from a typical dinosaur, Boomer makes use of his awesome jaws, roars, chomps around, burps, passes gas,and a whole host of other creature mannerisms.

True Balance Technology

Using the unique true balance technology, Boomer has the capacity to be able to walk, run, chomp and dance perfectly on only two legs.Which are in fact balanced on two small wheels. He can rotate around in circles and multiple directions without much effort on his part. He can be used on both carpets and harder floors whilst maintaining his balance.On the rare occasions he does topple over, Boomer is able to right himself from the floor as if it was a real animal.

Eye Colors and Mood Changes

Zoomer Dino appears so realistic, and one aspect that highlights this fact are the variety of moods Boomer can portray. The best way to identify what type of mood he is in is by what color his eyes are indicating.

For instance, if you stroke him or pet him like you would with any other animal, Boomer senses this and feels happy and safe. This emotion makes his eyes go blue.
Alternatively, if you happened to pull his tail, then obviously he isn`t going to like this. This action instigates him to charge around the floor in a rage and his eyes are a blazing red.

When Boomer is in learning mode and is prepared to be trained, his eyes turn a purple color. To make Boomer very happy and contented, give him a pat or stroke on the nose and his eyes will turn green.

These moods can all be simply controlled manually, by using the remote control pod.

USB Cable Charger

This toy is charged using a USB cable. The initial charge takes about an hour, though he may be partially charged when you first receive him. Subsequent charges will have you waiting only half that time, and you get at least a good 45 minutes of all out action when Zoomer Dino is fully charged.

It`s highly recommended that when charging this toy for the first time, you spend around an hour looking through the instruction manual. Not only will you learn how to get the best out of Boomer, but also some handy hints on training him.


This smart newly released toy has built in sensors that encourage him to be highly interactive. He can sense your touch, position and motions. He is able to sense where your command is coming from. His mood is able to alter according to your touch, due to the sensitive touch sensors. As he moves around the floor, be it inside or outside, Boomer is clever enough to manoeuvre around any potential obstacles in his path. Again, all thanks to the sensors situated in and around his body.

Remote Control

Using the remote control will give you ultimate control over the Zoomer Dino. It operates on 3 AAA batteries and the joystick is how you move Boomer around.

The remote control pod has particular buttons that dictate his mood, sending him into an angry tirade for example is just one option available.

Zoomer 3



What`s In The Box

  • 1 Zoomer Dino
  • 1 Control Pod
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Instruction Manual


To summarize, this is one of the best and most entertaining toys to be released in 2014 and is suitably ideal for young kids aged between 5-10 years old and possibly more. We have a feeling Zoomer Dino may also prove a hit with parents too.

There is more information available on the Boomer Zoomer Reviews page, where you can see Boomer Zoomer YouTube videos, and Boomer Zoomer Amazon views and verdicts about this product.

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We hope the Boomer Zoomer Dino features page has been of some help to you!