Zoomer Dino Review

Zoomer Dino Review

Boomer Zoomer Dino ReviewWelcome to the Zoomer Dino Review, the best remote control dinosaur. I`d also like to thank you for checking out my website…. http://bestremotecontroldinosaur.com/

Zoomer Dino, or “Boomer” as he is cutely known, is the brand new Zoomer toy recently released by SpinMaster. Following on from previous successes, the Zoomer Dino comes under the same umbrella as the very popular Zoomer Dog of 2013.

At the NYC Toy Fair 2014 earlier this year, Boomer was under prototype, so here we are approaching the fall and he has now been released as part of the first wave. It`s safe to say that this new model is probably the best remote control dinosaur to come onto the market in 2014, and will be a sure fire winner with kids this Christmas.

Before we take a look at the fantastic new Zoomer dinosaur, it`s probably worth mentioning early on that demand for this toy is very high, and ever increasing in the run up to the festive season. If you are thinking of buying Boomer as a gift for Christmas, then it`s advisable to order him today to avoid disappointment!


Zoomer Dino Review – Who Is Boomer?

Boomer is brand new on the scene and is here to stay. He is an interactive remote control dinosaur who is fun to be around, and is always up for playing. You might be hard pressed to keep up with him!

This incredibly sociable dinosaur has been smartly designed to respond like a real life creature. He can mimick emotions to a certain level, and reacts to being touched and stroked.

Boomer has the ability to sense when you interact with him, and portrays life-like dinosaur movements, as well as authentic pre-historic sounds.

Zoomer Dino is an energetic bundle of fun and is fully electronic. Thankfully size wise he doesn`t come close to an original dinosaur, but measures around 16 inches from nose to tail.

The toy features an internal battery which is charged by a USB, and comes equipped with a cable. A control pod to operate him also comes included.

One of the great Boomer Zoomer Dino features that make him unique is the way you can assess Boomer`s moods. There are various modes based on the color of his eyes, such as: green is for happy, blue is for curious, purple is for gesture commands, yellow is for control pod mode, and red is for angry.

The toy behaves differently in each mode, and so initiates interactivity with whoever may be operating the control pod. In gesture mode for example, the sensor that is situated in its head is able to read your gestures and make him respond accordingly.
Also, if you decide to shake his head or pull his tail, then this is going to make Zoomer Dino angry, and he`s not a happy Dino when this happens. Kids will love these reactions however, and he is totally safe to be around.

The easy to use control pod also brings in another dimension in that it enables you to control his movements, such as Boomer`s large chomping mouth.

Zoomer Dino Review – Key Features

  • Real dinosaur movements, sounds and incredible dino-sense abilities
  • Boomer can detect when you’re nearby and interacting with him
  • Dino can get angry, spin around, chomp and roar
  • Using True Balance Technology, Boomer perfectly balances on 2 wheels as he roams freely, exploring your home
  • Use hands or included controller to tame his Dino nature and build your friendship
  • Mood indicating LED eyes
  • He might even let out dino-sized burps and passes gas
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Zoomer Dino Review – Can You Tame Zoomer Dino?

One observation we`d like you to make when you buy Boomer. You don’t want to really think of this toy as a remote control dinosaur. We`d like to think you and your little ones regard Boomer as a pet, a new addition to the family that needs to be trained and doesn’t always listen. Rather like a naughty puppy that just needs a little prompting and some direction.

It might need some practice with the hand gestures, and Boomer is going to have better days than others. If you are seeking a robot that is precision controlled, and dare we say a bit boring, then Boomer won`t be for you.

However, if it`s plenty of fun you are after for you and your kids, then this brand new toy from Zoomer is just what you are looking for. Being playful and interacting with you and the environment is what Zoomer Dino is all about, and it`s expected this toy will fly off the shelves. Check out why we think you should buy Boomer Zoomer Dino quickly to avoid missing out.

When playing with this fun Dino it`s easy to forget about the technology, and just enjoy the engaging personality Boomer possesses.

The way his head moves in a life-like fashion, the sounds he makes, the hilarious way he chomps his mouth when laughing, or how he raises his tail to pass gas. This is what makes Zoomer Dino great value for money and so entertaining.

Take a look at the video below to see that there are numerous ways to play and interact with Zoomer Dino. No matter what you may be up to, Boomer’s playful personality will have you smiling, and you may even miss him when he`s not around.

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Zoomer Dino Review – What`s In The Box?
  • 1 Zoomer Dino
  • 1 Control Pod
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1 Instruction booklet
Zoomer Dino Review – Reasons To Love Boomer
  • You can teach him tricks
  • Lots of different moods
  • Touch sensitive
  • Responds to motion
  • Roars and chomps!
  • Real dinosaur movements and sounds


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